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Data Protection

The Data Protection act requires that all information collected by an organisation should to be secure and destroyed, when the media it is stored on is considered to be ‘redundant’.

Organisations have a duty of care to ensure that confidential data is handled and subsequently erased properly.  This can be an issue when looking to realise the value in redundant IT or to reduce the cost of recycling.

Data security is our top priority and all goods are collected in a secure and professional manor. We guarantee that all data is permanently destroyed on any media that we receive and we crush all hard drives, not just wipe them.

All goods are collected by us – no couriers or third parties are used – assuring you of a security-checked team.  We follow up with a certificate of data destruction and asset report, outlining the serial numbers of each drive crushed.

Data Destruction

In these times we cannot afford to be complacent in the security of sensitive data; finding the right partner that takes data security seriously is imperative.

From collection to completion you can be assured that your data is in safe hands.

Excess IT Solutions’ professional liability insurance and Cyber Security liability insurance covers losses and damage caused by data theft or loss of data from the received hard drives and digital media storage devices.  Excess IT Solutions’ procedures ensure that customer proprietary information is totally removed or destroyed from computer hard drives and associated media that is received by us.

Transportation and Storage Security

Upon collection, a ‘collection receipt’ will be sent outlining the goods collected. All equipment listed in the collection receipt will be received by Excess IT Solutions’ authorised personnel and stored in a secure, monitored and locked facility. The facility is monitored by security cameras and an ADT alarm system.

Data Destruction Procedure

1. Secure Storage: All computer equipment will be stored in a secure (locked) and monitored storage facility until the hard drive data is destroyed as per Excess IT Solutions’ standards and procedures.

2. Data Destruction: An Excess IT Solutions employee will destroy data on all hard drives received according to the following procedure(s):

Crush: (This is our standard practice for destroying data unless stated) Hard drives will be placed inside a specialised machine and a conical punch inside the unit will deliver 12,000 pounds of hydraulic force to the drive, causing catastrophic trauma to the hard drive’s chassis, destroying its internal platter.

3-Pass Wipe: In some circumstances software can be used on hard drives to overwrite all addressable storage and indexing locations on the drive three times with zeros (0x00), complement (0xFF) and random characters and then verified.

Let’s keep it simple and work together to find a better way.