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Cost vs Value

Sell it, fix it or throw it away?

Organisations have a duty of care when it comes to the environment and data security and there are an abundance of companies that can help you by removing your old IT with data destruction. However, these services are often without rebate or come at a cost to you per unit, especially if you have older equipment that is classed as hazardous, so why pay to have it all removed when some of it might lower the cost?

Whether you are looking to realise the value in your old IT, re-purpose it or need it out of the way, we have a solution for you.

We hope to pay you for the goods we receive however depending on the items for removal this may not always be the case.  Our services are bespoke and our aim is to find the best rebate, cost-efficient or cost-neutral service that works for both parties, ultimately reducing the cost of recycling.

We want to build a long-lasting relationship, so finding the best solution is important to us. Our policy is to be honest and fair so we look at the following to save you time and money:

  • Collection distance
  • Quantity and quality of items to be collected
  • Services required

Many organisations will ask themselves the following questions:

“We have computers that are in the way and are concerned about our data, the cost of removal and our legal obligations.”

We ask is some or all of this equipment waste or just redundant IT?  Can we offer to collect the goods in a secure manner, destroying the data on cost-neutral, cost-reduced or money back terms?

“I know there may be a value in my old IT and would prefer to sell these goods easily and safely to re recoup some of the monies paid out in the past.”

This is what we are all about and we are happy to quote to purchase your goods, making it easy and secure, safe in the knowledge that all duty of care in terms of the environment and data security are met, with a certificate of data destruction and asset report supplied, guaranteeing that all hard drive have been destroyed.

“I need a computer or computers for my office but don’t want a large outlay.”

With our solutions we can help with the supply of refurbished units or remove the old IT safely and securely and possibly re purpose some, reducing or negating the cost of repair and refurbishment.

Let’s keep it simple and work together to find a better way.